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Glow Beginnings

GlowHouse Kids is a family owned business founded in 2011 by Elisa DiChristina and Kevin Kinailuk, with inspiration from their children. The husband and wife team realized that children would benefit from the empowering creative design of GlowHouse Kids after searching for child-related services for their children. Kevin & Elisa are a health-minded couple and ran their first marathon together in Long Branch, NJ in 2011. Elisa DiChristina, MSW, LCSW has an array of mental health clinical experiences providing treatment for children, tweens, teens, adults and families in a wide variety of settings in many NJ communities. Expanding the concept of children “glowing” beyond the brick and mortar, Are You A Glow Kid Social Emotional Learning Program and Curriculum launched in 2018. GlowHouse was remodeled in 2020 and services were streamlined in order to transcend the pandemic.  Expressive and intuitive art forms became the main focus of GlowHouse's one of a kind venue. 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
– Albert Einstein

Glow Values

Empowering Children Through Creativity & Innovation

“A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.”
– Mark Yarnell

Glow Philosophy

Creative & Innovative Child Development For Lifelong Health & Wellness 


At GlowHouse Kids, our imaginative environment encourages glowing fun through the creative arts for healthy innovative child development, focusing on originality of thought or inventiveness.  Society needs more individuals who have the confidence and skills to create, not just memorize & produce, particularly the same artwork as someone else.  Our unique environment nurtures authentic self expression across all domains; social, emotional, cognitive and physical. 
Cultivating a strong sense of self is a process, not a final product, hence we focus on the process of self expression to encourage a self assured identity.  We appreciate the necessity and value of technical application, which is abundantly available in our society through schooling and standardized testing, however opportunities for authentic self development are not.  In addition, the digital era and social media have changed the landscape of organic opportunities for risk free exploration to know oneself.  Technical application and social media are influences driven from external observations.  GlowHouse focuses on art from an introspective and self-awareness perspective, which in turn develops self-reliance & assurance and problem solving skills.  Knowing and believing in oneself are key components to life long contentment, fulfillment and happiness.  Modern day schools, program models and even art studios often follow rigid curriculum, teaching to test and/ or focusing on the product, not the process.
Product producing models overlook the development of many essential innate competencies and often lead to negative outcomes, including children being afraid to take risks, anxiety, insecurities, fear of the wrong answer and a lack of leadership.  At GlowHouse we encourage belief in ones own identity and ideas.  Let's just say, we are not your paint by number let's compare you to me model!  We are a let's believe in yourself and your unique abilities, be free to be your true best self and express your beautiful self, you only have one life to live, so live confidently and have the self security and confidence while acquiring the skills needed to follow your dreams model and one of a kind venue!

“It is better to have enough ideas for some to be wrong, than to have no ideas and always be right.”
– Edward D Bono

Glow Community

Supporting Business Development & Child Development


GlowHouse Kids is a recipient of America’s SBDC NJ 2019 Success Award. GlowHouse Kids is a proud member of the Pompton Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Pompton Lakes Rotary Club, Tri-Boro Chamber Of Commerce and Elisa is a member of the Ramapo Valley Disctrict Northern New Jersey Council, BSA (Boy Scouts of America). 


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Elisa DiChristina, MSW, LCSW is an entrepreneur, children’s author & advocate, educator & presenter. 


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